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Misc. Federal and State Codes, Statutes & Legislation

Code Of Federal Regulations Search This front-end to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is generated from and links to the most recent version of the CFR placed on the Internet by the Government Printing Office. It contains the federal regulations in force as of specific revision dates that vary from title to title.

Code of Federal Regulations Links to Code of Federal Regulations online via GPO Access.

Federal Bill Tracking System (LOCIS) Links to the U.S. Federal Bill Tracking System, which provides legislative histories of all bills introduced since 1973.

Federal Register (New & Proposed Regulations) Federal Register online via GPO Access.

Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure These rules govern the conduct of all civil actions brought in Federal district courts. Presented by the Legal Information Institute.

Federal Rules Of Evidence These rules govern the introduction of evidence in proceedings, both civil and criminal, in Federal courts. Presented by the Legal Information Institute.

Law By Source – Federal Law Collection This LII collection of U.S. Federal legal materials combines documents held on the LII’s own servers (the U.S. Code, Supreme Court decisions, searchable index of U.S. Court of Appeals decisions, and the Code of Federal Regulations) with material available from other Internet-accessible sites.

Specific State Constitutions, Statutes, And Legislative Information The U.S. Constitution as well as individual state constitutions is available on this site.

Specific State Statutes By Topic Most but not all state statutes on the Internet can be accessed through this site.

State Statutes And Legislation On The Internet This page seeks to link to sites containing full text state constitutions, statutes, legislation, and session laws.

Specific State Statutes – Business & Professions Code – business This site links to the Business and Professions Code of each state.

Specific State Statutes – Commercial Law – commercial This site links to the Commercial Law of each state.

Specific State Statutes – Corporations Code This site links to the Corporations Code of each state.

Specific State Statutes – Uniform Commercial Code – ucc This site links to the Uniform Commercial Code of each state.

Specific State Uniform Business & Financial Laws This locator links to state statutes that correspond to Uniform Laws in the subject areas of business and finance.

State Legal Materials – Listing Legal information institute links to state jurisdictions.

Thomas (Legislative, Congressional, and Committee Information on the Internet) This site, maintained by the Library of Congress, is the premier site on the Internet for congressional and legislative news and events. Bills, committee information, the Congressional Record, historical documents and Congressional web links are available.

Uniform Commercial Code This site is a detailed outline of the Uniform Commercial Code, with links to the full text.

United States Code (maintained by Cornell University) The online version of the United States Code. Features include a listing of all Titles, a table of popular names for the laws, a search function for specific sections of the code, and a full text search engine.

United States Code (maintained by the House of Representatives) The United States Code maintained by the House of Representatives. This site allows a detailed search of the code.