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Long-Term Care Regulatory Compliance And Risk Management Consulting

State and federal regulations affect all aspects of establishing and managing a long-term care facility. Nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, adult day care centers and in-home care providers must adhere to detailed legal requirements. Staying up-to-date with the latest legal standards is especially important in this highly regulated industry.

Long-term care providers across Kansas and Missouri have long relied on the attorneys at McDonald Law Group, P.A., a Kansas City-based law firm. We provide regulatory compliance and risk management consulting services as well as litigation defense. With decades of experience in the industry, our principal lawyer in this area, Ted McDonald, has earned a respected reputation for his thorough approach and extensive legal knowledge.

Complying With The Complex Web Of State And Federal Regulations

We offer guidance on all aspects of regulatory compliance, including:

  • State licensure requirements
  • Training requirements for staff
  • Residents’ rights
  • Resident care standards
  • Managing residents’ funds and property
  • Fire safety and emergency protocols
  • Facility construction standards
  • Medicare/Medicaid certification
  • Involuntary resident discharge
  • Survey readiness
  • Survey response and plans of correction
  • Informal dispute resolution (IDR)

As regulatory enforcement actions increase, long-term care facilities may find themselves facing compliance issues. Our lawyers will advise you concerning your rights and when to challenge fines that are the result of overzealous government surveyors.

Managing Risks And Reducing Exposure

Risk management is critical to the success of long-term care providers. Identifying risks — and implementing strategies to counteract them — can save your organization millions of dollars in potential liability exposure.

Our legal team possesses the strong litigation background that is necessary to analyze risk and avert potential legal claims. We help clients develop policies, procedures, training programs and other solutions tailored to fit their business needs.

For more information about regulatory compliance and risk management for long-term care facilities, call 816-579-6551 or contact us online.