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BLS Home Page Comprehensive economic data and news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Great links to other U.S. and international statistical agencies.

Blue Pages

A guide to finding government departments, phone numbers, addresses, and websites.

Board Of Governors Of The Federal Reserve This is the home page of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Carroll’s Online Government People, Places & Programs This government personnel chart and directory site from Carroll’s Directories provides an accurate and up-to-date way for you to track and contact key decision makers in all levels of government.

CNN – Time All Politics AllPolitics offers political news and analysis.

Commerce Business Daily Free electronic version of the Commerce Business Daily.

Congressional Budget Office Home Page This is the home page of the Congressional Budget Office budgetary and economic releases, projects and analysis.

Congressional Directory

This is a congressional directory site sponsored by the U.S. House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

DefenseLINK – Official Web Site Of U.S. Dept. Of Defense An impressive collection of defense-related links to the Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.

FirstGov FirstGov is an easy-to-search, free-access website designed to give the user a centralized place to find information from local, state, and U.S. Government Agency websites.

Federal Trade Commission Home Page Home page of the Federal Trade Commission.

Federal Trade Commission Search Page FTC search data base by product or industry for antitrust articles,
investigations, rulings

Fedstats – One Stop shopping For federal statistics

The Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy maintains this site to provide easy access to the full range of statistics and information produced by more than 70 federal agencies.

FedWorld Information Network Home Page

Information Network offers various search engines to find information about U.S. government reports and databases.

Government This site has an impressive collection of links to government agencies, publications, and directories.

Governments On The WWW This site offers a comprehensive database of governmental institutions on the World Wide Web, including parliaments, ministries, law courts, embassies, city councils, central banks, and more.

GovSpot – Resources For Citizens And government Employees This site offers a high-utility collection of top government and civic resources along with insightful and non-partisan editorials.

GovSpot Law This site is a resource guide of government information specifically relating to the court system and law resources.

Federal Consumer Information Center The FCIC site has a search engine and impressive links to federal directories, foreign and international embassies, and state and local government sites.


GrantsNet is a tool for finding and exchanging information about Heath and Human Services and selected other federal grant programs.

IRS – The Digital Daily Income Tax Forms

The Digital Daily from the Internal Revenue Service. Tax forms and publications, statistics, a search engine and news features.

LSU Federal Government Links

Louisiana State University Libraries presents the U.S. Federal Government Agencies Directory, a comprehensive list of federal agencies on the Internet.

National Association Of Counties Home page of the National Association of Counties

Office Of The Director Of Central Intelligence

This is the home page of the Central Intelligence Agency. Homepage This is a governmental policy news and information service.

Social Security Online The official web site of the Social Security Administration.

State And County Demographic And Economic Profiles

The US Census Bureau provides a tremendous wealth of state and county social, demographic, and economic information.

Supreme Court Collection At The Legal Information Institute offers Supreme Court opinions under the auspices of Project Hermes. This archive contains all opinions of the Supreme Court issued since May 1990.

THOMAS – Legislative Information On The Internet

This site, maintained by the Library of Congress, is the premier site on the Internet for congressional and legislative news and events. Bills, committee information, the Congressional Record, historical documents and Congressional web links.

US Business Advisor

The U.S. Business advisor exists to provide businesses with one stop access to Federal Government information, services and transactions.

US Census Bureau Home Page The U.S. Census Bureau home page. There is a tremendous wealth of social, demographic, and economic information to be found on this site.

U.S. Department of Commerce The U.S. Department of Commerce home page. Extensive links to economic, governmental and trade-related sites.

U.S. Department Of State Official Web Site

The U.S. Department of State home page. U.S. policy topics and news, geographic background notes, and worldwide governmental policy issues and developments.

U.S. Small Business Administration

U.S. Small Business Administration homepage with many links to resources from the Small Business Administration as well as a searchable database

Department Of Energy The Department of Energy is a leading science and technology agency whose research supports our nation’s energy security, national security, environmental quality, and contributes to a better quality of life for all Americans.

U.S. Postal Service Official site of the US Postal service includes information on post office locations, rates, forms and a searchable database

White House Official webpage for the White House containing information on tours, State of the Union Addresses, The President and Vice-President, news briefings, handbooks and The White House Help Desk.

U.S. House of Representatives Official webpage of the House of representatives including many links to House Offices and sites. Includes schedules, roll call votes and information on the legislative process.

U.S. House Of Representatives Floor Schedule

Weekly Schedule of meetings

Office Of Management And Budget WebPage for the Office of management and budget containing budget, grant and regulatory information.

U.S. Department Of Justice Official site of the U.S. Department of Justice containing publications, missing persons, press releases and other links related to business with the U.S. Department of Justice.

General Services Administration Official webpage of the Government Services Administration and includes links to news, staff offices, services and has a searchable database.

GPO Access

U.S. Government Printing Office Multi-Database search.

United State Government Links To Enviro Info

Provides extensive links to U.S. Federal Government Agencies

US Securities And Exchange Commission The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Home Page. Current SEC news and information. Search engine to the EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval) system of public company documents electronically filed with the SEC. Edgar filings are posted to this site 24 hours after the date of filing.

US State Home Pages

This page will link to the home pages of all fifty American states.

Vital Records Information – US States This site contains exhaustive links to sources of state, territory, and county vital records information.

Consumer Product Safety Commission Search product recalls

Consumer Product Safety Commission Reading Room Make FOIA requests (requires adobe acrobat and fees)

National Highway Safety Administration search vehicle safety and recalls; e.g. car seats, airbags, seat belts

Food And Drug Administration Can conduct searches regarding food and drug and veterinary products including studies and articles; e.g. breast implants; phen, phen;

National Institute For Occupation Safety And Health search occupational hazards, press releases, federal register notices, databases (e.g. OSHA guidelines for chemical hazards, certified equipment lists)